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Tesla effect driven auto parts manufacturers welcome the development opportunity
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The Tesla Effect is stirring up a pool of spring water in China's new energy vehicle market.Recently, Gan Feng lithium industry investor interaction platform for "Tesla whether the recent company visit," the question said that the news is true, Tesla has sent staff to visit the company.Analysts believe that Tesla is the world's leading representative of new energy companies, listed companies smoothly enter the supply chain system, the future of new energy vehicle prices on the model is expected to contribute significantly to the company considerable performance flexibility.
The Tesla effect is stirring Chinese new energy vehicle market in a pond. Recently, Gan Feng Li has asked questions about Tesla's recent visit to the company on the investor interaction platform. It is true that Tesla has sent personnel to visit the company. Analysts believe that Tesla is a representative global leading enterprise in the field of new energy. If the products of listed companies enter their supply chain system smoothly, the new volume of new energy vehicle enterprises in the future is expected to contribute significantly to the company's performance elasticity.
The performance of auto parts enterprises is rising
With the implementation of model 3 production plan, Tesla China factories and industrial chain news in China continued to affect the A stock market nerves. At present, China's listed companies mainly through two ways to enter the Tesla industrial chain: one is directly supporting a supplier, such as CXS shares, may die, Guangdong hung, Ningbo Huaxiang, Yian science and technology; one is a supplier of indirect facilities, such as electric machine, letter quality, a new intelligent pilot state Chou.
In the direct matching suppliers, CXS shares the highest value of the single car, up to about 3400 yuan. The company began to cooperate with Tesla in 2013, which directly led to a surge in its auto parts business. The company provides spare parts for Tesla production, and gradually extends from the supply of common parts to the core components such as transmission system, battery system and so on. From 2014 to 2016, CXS shares accounted for 15.41%, 50.27%, and 56.61% of Tesla's sales. In the future, the production of Model 3 will be substantially thickened.
In addition, the days of steam mode as to provide mold design and manufacturing services of a provider, nearly two years to provide mold revenue of over 50 million yuan for the Tesla Model 3 supporting in the talks.
The industry believes that Tesla mass production brings huge demand for components, and domestic enterprises are willing to enter the domestic chain of Tesla, sharing the scale bonus and brand effect.
However, some analysts believe that although most of the companies that enter the Tesla supply chain system are not in the minority, most of them still have little cooperation with Tesla or have little cooperation. However, due to Tesla's "catfish effect" in the new energy automotive industry, Tesla certified companies will gain the advantage in the supply of new energy automotive industry chain, so as to achieve performance improvement.
The substitution of foreign parts for spare parts is expected to be domestically made
According to the insiders, as a new global energy vehicle leader, Tesla will enter the Chinese market, and the supply chain will probably shift to the Chinese market. The listed companies directly or indirectly enter Tesla supply chain system is expected to benefit.
From the perspective of supply chain business, Tesla core technology providers mostly come from enterprises in Japan, the United States and the European Union. Most Chinese enterprises enter the system as two level raw material suppliers. For example, there is no A - share listed company directly for Tesla in the lithium battery supply chain. Domestic listed companies mainly supply the supply chain system by supplying the Panasonic supplier to Tesla's battery supplier, Panasonic. As the new state Chou, China Baoan subsidiary BTR, leading intelligent etc.. From the battery management system, joyson electronics subsidiary, three flower Germany Puri intelligent control is the Tesla parts suppliers.
At present, China's Tesla suppliers are mainly concentrated in the body and parts. Such as Guangdong hung, the days of steam mode is the body and die part suppliers; Tuopu group as the core supplier of chassis structure Aluminum Alloy parts, is expected by supporting model 3 thickening performance.
In addition, in vehicle infotainment system, NavInfo map as components, rich technology, Chun Hing Seiko as antenna parts suppliers are model 3.
Shun securities that, although Tesla parts procurement globalization, the only part of the domestic auto parts manufacturers to enter the Tesla supply chain system, but after the localization of Tesla, the domestic auto parts manufacturers will be expected to achieve the overall generation for Tesla foreign parts, ushered in the performance of high-speed growth period. Intern reporter Cui Xiaosu